Spice Drops

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Buy Spice Drops online and their varieties to choose from: 

Spice Drop is a liquid, water-soluble spice extract that is 100 percent natural and has all the flavour and healthiness of whole spices. To prevent the loss of volatile oils and flavours, every drop of the spice’s incomparable essence and scent is preserved.

Cardamom Extract: Using our Cardamom Spice Drop extract, which has an energising aroma and flavour, will alter the way you prepare both savoury and sweet foods. With the aid of this wonderful product, you can do away with the confusion and just use the dropper that comes with the package to add a few drops to your dish depending on your taste preferences. It can be difficult to determine how much of an ingredient you need to add to your dish. Your favourite dishes will be interestingly changed by the cardamom extract, whether they are biryani, kheer/payasam, or even tea.

Pepper Extract: One drop of Spice Drop will give you the genuine pepper’s hot flavour! By including this unassuming yet wonderful product in your recipes, whether they are paneer pepper fries, decadent soups, or stir-fries, you may substantially enhance your culinary experience.Our product offers the ease of being at your fingertips, so you never again have to worry about keeping the ingredient or dealing with the hassle of grinding peppercorns.

Ginger Extract: No more cleaning, cutting, or peeling! Our all-natural Spice Drops Ginger extract, which is created from actual spices, will revolutionise the way you prepare food! One drop contains the freshness, the sharp and spicy notes, and both.Simply add one drop of liquid per serving using the dropper to give your culinary creations a vibrant ginger flavour. The extract’s adaptability in both savoury and sweet foods and beverages is astounding!

Cinnamon Extract: Spice Drop offers the cosy and comfortable flavour of cinnamon, which will transform both your savoury and sweet culinary creations into extraordinary delicacies. This multipurpose product gives everything from breads and cookies to apple pies and coffee the enticing aroma and flavour of cinnamon. Simply add a drop or two of the cinnamon flavour to any dish with the included dropper, depending on your taste preferences.

Clove Extract: Without the bother of keeping or grinding the raw spice, the Spice Drop Clove extract is a fantastic product with warm, sweet, and potent notes that helps you blend in the aromatic flavour of clove. With the aid of Spice Drop Clove extract, you can effortlessly add precisely the appropriate amount of flavour to your meals, putting an end to the conundrum of adding the right number of cloves to your dishes. Simply add a few drops of the extract to the meal that has been made using the included dropper, according to your taste, and stir with a ladle.