Ayurvedic Oils & Powders

The use of oils in Ayurveda evolved more than 10,000 years ago. They were first mentioned in the Charaka Samhita, the primary reference textin Ayurveda, and they are widely used to this day because of their effectiveness and no rush benefits. Ayurvedic oils are made by adding holistic healing herbs such as turmeric, tulsi, brahmi and rosemary to a carrier oil such as coconut oil, almond oil and castor oil. The best way to use Ayurvedic oils is to massage them into your skin. You can use the technique of Abhyanga, the Ayurvedic method of self-massage to heal the body and the mind and practice self-love. This allows for deep tissue penetration and the body can then heal through the medicinal herbs. Oils are used as nourishers and emulsifying agents to bring nature’s gifts to us. Once applied on the skin or scalp, these oils fertilise our biome and help balance our doshas.