Ayurvedic Bath Scrubber



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Ayurvedic Bath Scrubber

Ayurvedic vetiver (Chrysopogon Zizanioides) is a natural, non-invasive plant with fibrous, deeply penetrating roots.

We are offering a handmade herbal bath scrub created from the pure roots of vetiver, a grass with many tufts. It has a very light scent and is regarded traditionally as being useful for circulation and stress relief. Another natural antiseptic is vetiver. Use to gently relieve tension and relax the entire body. Regular application will assist maintain the skin’s radiance, softness, and smoothness.
For ten minutes prior to use, immerse it in water. After usage, keep it dry.
The best way to define this herb’s cooling action is as an ayurvedic cooling agent.


  1. Its components have antibacterial qualities and protect skin.
  2. It is completely natural.
  3. It’s all handwoven.
  4. It can be used repeatedly.
  5. It has deodorising qualities, normalises greasy skin, and helps to clear acne.
  6. It restores moisture to skin that is dry and dehydrated.


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