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Cardamom Powder (ഏലക്കായ് इलायची)

We take care of some of the labour for you with Cardamom powder if you prefer to eat cardamom in powder form rather than pods and lack the time to grind the pods (& seeds).

  • Cardamom is an Indian spice. The little green pod with black seeds makes a significant contribution to gastrointestinal protection, cholesterol control, cardiovascular health, and blood circulation enhancement in the body. Consider the various names for this spice:

Different Language

  1. Elaichi – Hindi
  2. Elakkai – Tamil
  3. Yelakulu – Telugu
  4. Yalakki – Kannada
  5. ilaychi – Gujarati

Marathi has a plethora of names – Hirvi velchi, Velchi, Veldoda, and Wailchi, to mention a few.

  • Both the seeds and the pod have an aromatic and flavorful scent. They are used to impart taste to Indian food. It is a natural flavouring agent, as opposed to the artificial components that are frequently listed on the ingredients list of packaged foods.
  • It is utilised in hot and spicy recipes – think chicken biriyani, think paneer masala, think….you get the picture.

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Weight 1 kg


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