Chai Masala 5ml



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Chai Masala 5ml

Spice Drops Chai Masala Extract comes in packaged aseptic goodness of 5 ML glass bottle containing enough liquid to power up to 180 glasses of your favorite emotion in the form of a chai, For each container, you get an opportunity to drink chai that’s both flavorful and intoxicating to get your money’s worth before you come back and purchase another Chai pack from us. The glass bottle doesn’t take up much room, making it easy for storing leaving room for more Spice Drop products to add to your stash. Enjoy all of the goodness and benefits of pure spices while saying goodbye to harmful additives or chemicals – even with no proper refrigeration, this chai spice retains its full potency and freshness!

  1. ✔ WHY SPICE DROP: 1 bottle of Spice Drop Chai masala is equivalent to 4.5 ounces (125 grams) of Chai Spice powder. This not only makes it economical but also saves storage space. The long shelf life ensures no loss of flavor, unlike spice powders. And no messy kitchen counters!
  2. ☺ SQUEEZE, DROP, STIR: Easy to use, with consistent taste. Can be used at the end of brewing or directly into the cup. Prepare Masala Chai in a breeze with just a drop in a cup of plain tea. No cooking required, add straight to tea. No trouble brewing spices. 


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