Red Chilli Extract 5ml



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Red Chilli Extract 5ml

Spice Drop Red Chilli Extract comes in glass bottle packaging that offers a quantity of 5ml providing 180 drops of Lal Mirch wholesomeness. The Red Chilli extract provides a powerful spice to your curry, biryani, or any delicacy you would like to cook. Each drop of this extract gives the taste of a pure red chili while helping you avoid accidentally getting chili powder in your eye and making you cry, now that’s worth every drop! The glass bottle comes in an ergonomic size which makes it easy for storage while leaving room for more Spice Drop products to add to your Cabinet of goodness. You don’t need to worry about harmful additives or chemicals as this extract comes in pure form. Say goodbye to artificial additives in your foods and drinks, and experience the best flavor that Spice Drops has to offer.

  •  WHY SPICE DROP: Unlike spice powders, the Spice Drop Red Chilli extract can be used at the end of the cooking. Hence it is easy to spice foods as per taste. Providing about 180 drops equivalent to 100g of Red Chilli powder. No loss of flavor in the liquid bottle, unlike powders.
  • ☺ SQUEEZE, DROP, STIR: Add a drop to any of the Indian dishes like Paneer Makhani, Biryanis, Tandoori curries, lentils, and more. Add a touch of warmth to your food instantly.


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