Murivenna – Sprain Healer – 200ml



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About the Product

  1. It is a strong medicinal oil used to treat arthritic conditions, fractures, sprains, cramps, and acute traumatic injuries. Additionally, it treats mild injuries when applied externally.
  2. Murivenna is a special medicinal oil produced locally in Kerala from potent plants including karanja, kumari, sigru, and palandu.
  3. Murivenna, which is processed using coconut oil as a base, is well-known for its healing properties for sudden illnesses like sprains, cramps, fractures, and bruising.

How to Use

  1. Murivenna has demonstrated significant efficacy in the treatment of arthritic illnesses such as pain, edoema, stiffness, spasticity, and other acute and chronic joint ailments.
  2. Abyangam, Pichu, and Kativasti are just a few of the therapies that are conducted in conjunction with Murivenna for optimal outcomes.
  3. It is either administered all over the body or treated directly to the place of harm, depending on the situation.


  1. Effective in the treatment of injuries
  2. Joint aches are alleviated
  3. Sufficiently effective for sprains and cramping
  4. Increases the rate of wound healing.


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