Saffron Extract 20ml



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Saffron Extract 20ml

The 20ml aseptic glass container containing Spice Drop Kesar Extract is well-packaged. You simply need one spoonful of kesar extract to acquire the full flavour and aroma of this extract. With every spoonful of kesar paste, you enjoy the wonderful scent and excellent flavour that are essential for preparing anything. The glass jar’s ergonomic size makes it simple to store and provides room to store additional Spice Drop goods for your supply.

  • WHY SPICE DROP: The extract blends immediately, unlike saffron threads that need to be soaked to release their full flavor. It immediately gives a full flavor to your dishes. Longer shelf life.
  • JUST A SPOON: Use the spoon provided to spoon the extract and add it to any beverage or dish of your choice. In no time you can also prepare tasty desserts.


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