Terminalia Bellirica | Thannikka Thodu

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Terminalia Bellirica (Thannikka Thodu)

  • Terminalia bellirica – Baheda is a tall handsome tree, with characteristic bark, 12-50m tall.
  • Leaves are alternately arranged or fascicled at the end of branches, elliptic or elliptic obovate, leathery, dotted, entire.
  • The leaf tip is narrow- pointed or rounded.
  • ENHANCES DIGESTION and CURES CONSTIPATION – Beheda actively facilitates in breaking down of food particles
  • CURES a COLD and helps in WEIGHT LOSS – Baheda offers several folk remedies for improving the body system and shielding the body against various infections. It also induces weight loss
  • HAIR GROWTH – Very helpful in maintaining healthy and strong hair. Applying the Baheda fruit powder to hair helps remove excess oil and prevents the growth of dandruff. It also boosts hair growth resulting in strong, black hair
  • HOW TO USE – Take 3 – 6 grams of powder along with water or honey, twice a day after meals or as directed by a physician
  • 100% PURE and NATURAL – Spiceyfy’s Online products are organic Ayurveda products with no additives. We use fresh and pure Ayurvedic ingredients processed as per traditional texts. Packed in food grade resealable zipper pouch which is easy to use

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Weight N/A

100g, 250g, 500g, 1Kg


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