Cardamom Extract 5ml



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Cardamom Extract 5ml

Spice Drops Cardamom Extract is the best choice for any foodie seeking to add a flavorful punch to their usual dishes. 5ml of this cardamom spice contains enough liquid to power up to 180 glasses of any of your favorite beverages, desserts, or food whether it’s your chai, coffee, biryani, even your baking endeavors, with this extract you will get your money’s worth before you have to come back to purchase another refill with us. The glass bottle comes in an ergonomic size which makes it easy to store while leaving room for more Spice Drop products to add to your stash. You don’t need to worry about harmful additives or chemicals as this extract comes in pure form. Say goodbye to that bitter taste of artificial additives in your foods and drinks and experience the best flavor that Spice Drops has to offer.

  1. v  ✔ WHY SPICE DROP: 1 bottle is equivalent to 3 ounces of whole green cardamom. This makes it economical as well as a real space saver. The self-preserved nature ensures no loss of flavor, unlike whole spice or powdered spices.
  2. v  ☺ SQUEEZE, DROP, STIR: Add a drop to tea, coffee, latte, beverages, gourmet food, etc. Can be used at the end of brewing or cooking. Easier to use than the whole cardamom. Instantly adds aroma and flavor to food or drink at any stage of cooking.


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