Ginger Extract 5ml



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Ginger Extract 5ml

Spice Drop Ginger Extract is your answer to a powerful flavor of Ginger while avoiding the hassle of peeling one. The Ginger Extract comes in a glass bottle of 5Ml and easily provides about 180 drops of Gingery goodness to your taste. Each drop presents a natural flavor of ginger that ensures and adds an authentic taste to your beverages and dishes. The glass bottle comes in an ergonomic size which makes it easy to store while leaving room for more Spice Drop products to add to your stash. You don’t need to worry about harmful additives or chemicals as this extract comes in pure form. Say goodbye to that bitter taste of artificial additives in your foods and drinks and experience the best flavor that Spice Drops has to offer.

  1. ✔ WHY SPICE DROP: A variety of spice and herb combinations make all your food preparation perfect. These spices and herbs will be an excellent addition to your kitchen as well as no need for space-taking jars or boxes! They can easily be used in your drinks too. The long shelf life ensures no loss of flavor, unlike dried substances. No messy kitchen counters! ❤️
  2. ☺ SQUEEZE, DROP, STIR: Add a drop to Biryani, Curries, Gourmet Food, Tea, coffee. Can be used at the end of brewing or cooking. Easier to use than garlic cloves. Instantly adds aroma and flavor to food at any stage of cooking.


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