Kadukkai Thodu (Yellow Myrobalan)


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About the Product

Kadukkai maram is a tree that grows to be over 100 feet tall and 8-12 feet thick. The bark has a deep brown colour. Leaves are 3-8 inches long and 2-4 inches wide, clumping together and forming an oval shape. The apical end of the leaves’ stems are knotted twice. The plant has little yellowish flowers that develop in long white clusters. The fruits are 1-2 inches long, round, and have five noticeable stripes on the reverse side. Harad are the fruits that are picked prior to seed development. These are a deep golden colour. The fruits that are harvested when fully mature are referred to as large Harad. Harad trees grow to a height of 5000 feet in hilly places and woodlands. It is found primarily in the lower Himalayan region, from the Ravi banks to Western Bengal, Assam, and the woods of highland areas.

Internal Benefits

  • Effective treatment for headaches
  • Treats to Boost Digestive Power Bleeding Piles Helps with Elephantiasis Cleanses the body and Boosts Immunity Jaundice Treatment
  • Eliminates Constipation and Treats Dermatoses

External Benefits

  • Eliminates Migraine pain Infection of the tooth
  • Disorders of the eyes
  • Effective treatment for headaches
  • Treats diseases of the urinary system
  • Heal Wounds Immediately
  • Heals boils more quickly



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100g, 250g, 500g, 1Kg


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