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About the product

Ayurvedic Pathimugam Water is a warm, somewhat pinkish-colored drinking water that is consumed by a large number of people in South India. This herbal beverage is given before meals in a variety of eateries and residences. It is crafted from a tough section of the wood of a versatile tree that is widely utilised for a variety of therapeutic applications. Since ancient times, Pathimugam or Pathimukham has been widely utilised and is an outstanding herbal medication. When “Pathimugam” is heated in water, it purifies the water. This material is a component of practically all Ayurvedic medications. Thus, the people of South India are attempting to make their way of life more hygienic through the use of natural herbal remedies and ayurvedic trees indigenous to the region.


  • Hygienic Preparation
  • Authentic
  • Herbal Drink
  • Control Excess Thirst
  • Best For Sugar Patients

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Weight N/A

100g, 250g, 500g, 1Kg


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