Brami – Head Massage Oil

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About the Product

Brahmi is a well-known brain tonic in and of itself.

Brami Head Massage Oil aids in the reduction of stress and strain, as well as sleeplessness and headaches. Enhances the function of the brain’s nerves. Provides mental tranquillity and calmness, as well as mental focus. Relaxes both the body and the psyche. Additionally, it is beneficial for sleeplessness and premenstrual headaches.

How to Use

  • Gently massage 5-10ml oil into the scalp 10 minutes prior to washing.
  • Apply 15 drops to the pate and 15 drops to the palms and feet 15 minutes before bedtime.
  • You will immediately be blessed with restful slumber.

Ingredients Essential

  • 20mg Eblica officinalis
  • 1gm Bacopa monnieri
  • 5mg Valeriana wallichii
  • 15mg Withania somnifera
  • 5gm Clitoria ternatea
  • 15mg Celastrus panicuatus
  • 15mg Centalla asistata
  • 1ml seas mother oil.

Additional information

Weight N/A

100ml, 200ml, 450ml


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