Cumin Powder (ജീരകപ്പൊടി जीरा चूर्ण)

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About the product

An ingredient that is frequently used in Indian cuisine Cumin Powder/Jeera is used to impart a pungent, spicy flavour to the dish. This powder has an earthy tang that is ideal for balancing foods and imparting an intoxicating scent. Made with just the finest grains from the finest farms. Has a nice aroma that is ideal for Indian cuisine of all types. Tadkas are ideal for dal, stews, and other dishes.

  • Cumin is a Mediterranean and Egyptian native that is now primarily manufactured in India.

How to Use

  • Roasting it briefly on a low heat (for less than a minute) on a tawa (girdle) and then grinding it into powder helps bring out the full flavour. Cumin is thought to be diaphoretic.

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Weight N/A

100g, 250g, 500g, 1Kg


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