Salacia Reticulata (Ekanayakam/Saptrangi) Powder

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About the Product

Salacia reticulata, ponkaranti, china salacia, koranti, and saptrangi are all synonyms for ekanayakam. Sri Lanka and India are native to this plant. Found in India and Sri Lanka’s jungles. Ekanayakam, also known as salacia reticulata, is a woody climber. This plant can reach a height of four metres. Salacia reticulata branches are darkish in hue. This species thrives in moderate climates. Its root and stem are both utilised medicinally. Salacia reticulata roots are frequently described as bitter and caustic.

Ekanayakam, or salacia reticulata, is an ayurvedic medicinal herb that contains herbal characteristics.

Different Names

  • Botanical Name: Salacia Reticulate
  • Malayalam: Ekanayakam, Ponkaranti, Koranti
  • Kannada: Ekanayakam
  • Tamil: Ponkoranti
  • Telugu: Anukudu Cettu
  • Sanskrit: Vairi, Pitika

Ekanayakam Powder | Salacia Reticulata | Ponkaratin | Salacia Koranti Saptrangi

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100g, 250g, 500g, 1Kg


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