Sandal Wood Oil 10ml



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Sandal Wood Oil 10ml

Sandalwood essential oil is produced in India, Indonesia, and China. The essential oil, extracted from sandalwood, has a bright, fresh smell with a wooden base note. The evergreen sandalwood tree is native to India, Australia and many regions around the Pacific and Eastern Indian Ocean. It is famous for its use on ceremonial occasions.


  1. A natural moisturiser that’s best for dry skin
  2. Calms depression and nervous tension
  3. Good disinfectant
  4. Sandalwood Essential Oil has a soothing fragrance that revitalizes your mind and soul.

How to use

1) Add 1-2 drops in a diffuser or in warm bathwater or with a carrier oil for a gentle massage.
2) Can also be used as an uplifting perfume and deodorizer to eliminate odours.


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