Cumin (ജീരകം जीरा) 


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About the product

A seed derived from the plant Cuminum cyminum, which is dried and used as a spice in multi-cuisine both in whole and ground form. Used for its distinct flavour and aroma, in ancient days, cumin’s usage is documented as a spice and a preservative for mummification.


  • These dried seeds can be stored in airtight containers indefinitely.
  • The ground powder loses its aroma after a while, so it’s best to grind in small quantities or grind as and when it’s needed.

Kitchen Tips:

  • The aromatic flavour of the spics adds flavour to stews, soups, curry, and even chilli powder, like Mexican style chilli powder.
  • Cumin can be used in pickles and pastries too.
  • In the southern part of India, Jira (cumin) water is used for drinking by boiling the seeds.

Health Tips:

  • The most traditional use of cumin is for indigestion.
  • This is a rich source of iron and can be used as an iron supplement.
  • Other health benefits include weight loss, fat reduction, lowering bad cholesterol (LDL) and increasing good (HDL) cholesterol.
  • Cumin is also available in health supplement form on the market.


  • Whole seeds
  • Cumin powder

Inspirational recipes:

  • Grilled vegetable pasta with cumin
  • Aloo-Jeera-
  • Chickpea-salad-with-cumin-vinaigrette



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100g, 250g, 500g, 1Kg


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