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Crushed Chilli- Spice Mix, Hot and Spicy Seasoning, Fiery Flavors

Crushed Chilli – the perfect spice mix for those who love their food hot and spicy! Our Crushed Chilli is made from organic spices sourced from the heart of Kerala, known for its rich culinary heritage.


  1. Made from 100% organic spices
  2. Rich in flavour and aroma
  3. Handpicked and sourced directly from Kerala
  4. Contains no artificial colors or preservatives
  5. Adds a unique flavor to any dish
  6. Can be used in a variety of cuisines

Simply sprinkle it on top of your favorite dishes, or mix it in with your spices to create a hot and spicy seasoning.

It’s great for adding a kick to pasta dishes, stir-fries, pizzas, and more!

You can also use it to create your own homemade hot sauces or to add a spicy twist to your cocktails.

Buy Spices Online from SPICEYFYbuy Crushed Chilli today and add a fiery new flavor to your cooking! With its unique blend of organic spices and bold flavors, it’s sure to become your new go-to seasoning for all your favorite dishes. Order now and experience the authentic taste of Kerala spices online!


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Weight N/A

100g, 250g


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