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Kerala Spice Powders Combo Pack Of 15

Introducing the Kerala Spice Powders Combo Pack Of 15 – the perfect addition to your kitchen pantry! Our pack includes an array of premium organic spices sourced straight from the heart of Idukki, Kerala, India. We take pride in providing our customers with the finest quality spices direct from our farm that are free from any harmful chemicals or preservatives.

  1. Cardamom 7mm: provides a sweet and floral aroma to your dishes -100g
  2. Staranise: adds a licorice-like flavor to your meals -100g
  3. Cinnamon Roll: perfect for adding a warm and sweet taste to your desserts -100g
  4. Black Pepper: adds a bold and spicy flavor to your savory dishes -100g
  5. Clove: adds a sweet and slightly bitter taste to your meals -100g
  6. Nutmeg: perfect for adding a nutty and sweet flavor to your dishes -100g
  7. Nutmace: adds a mild flavor and aroma to your meals -50g
  8. Bayleaf: adds a rich and herbal flavor to your meals -50g
  9. White Pepper: adds a subtle heat to your dishes -100g
  10. Asafoetida/Kayam: adds a mild garlic and onion flavor to your meals -100g
  11. Kokum- Malabar Tamarind: adds a tangy taste to your dishes -100g
  12. Fennel Seeds: perfect for adding a sweet and slightly licorice-like flavor to your meals -100g
  13. Cumin Seeds: adds a nutty and earthy flavor to your dishes -100g
  14. Turmeric: adds a bright yellow color and a warm and slightly bitter taste to your meals -100g
  15. Dry Ginger: perfect for adding a spicy and warming taste to your dishes -100g

Key benefits and advantages of our product:

  1. Organic and free from harmful chemicals or preservatives
  2. Sourced from the heart of Kerala, India
  3. Pack includes 15 different spice powders

Don’t miss out on the chance to elevate your cooking game with our SPICEYFY’S Kerala Spice Powders



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